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A&R Factory is a popular music blog with a wide-ranging readership, including record label owners, publishers, radio stations, PR executives, managers and sync licensing firms from all over the globe Music Promotional Blogs for Music Artists How Proficient YouTube Promotions Help to Grab the Attention of Your Audiences Swiftly? 5 Smart Ways on How to Promote Video on YouTube to Drive Traffi A&R Factory is a music blog that started in 2012. It has become a well respected artist and repertoire blog and has been nominated as one of the top ten blogs in the UK and top 100 worldwide. You can easily submit your demos through their Submit Music page

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Music promotion is about way more than just music today. It's videos, images, interviews, articles, playlists, sample packs, studio tours, live shows and anything else that can help build the story around your sound. Even the occasional meme or quippy Tweet can build your narrative and following The best blog for your music will differ from genre to genre, but Pitchfork, Stereogum, DatPiff and The A.V. Club are some of our favorites from the 'music blog big league.' 10. Spread your Music with Dozmia For many people, the definition of a nightmare scenario is a commute without music

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Sonicbids - create an EPK, get music promotion and find gigs, all in one place. ReverbNation - almost everything you need in one place. Or enter music company competitions; Go to the music industry conferences - you never know who you'll meet, Apply to play at Midem, the annual music industry conference. It's all about the blogs Music blog/podcast with the latest in music news. With new album releases from upcoming and established artists in various genres including pop, rock, r&b, hip hop, folk and more

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Get press & blog coverage If your music featured by music publications, whether that's mainstream mags or niche blogs and webzines, those placements can help build hype and give you the credentials to take your music career up a level. Hiring a professional PR executive to handle your campaign is generally the best way to get great coverage SubmitHub was founded in late 2015 as a way to make the process of sending music to curators as easy and transparent as possible. We give you all sorts of statistics and ways to filter who to send your music to so you can make sure your song ends up in the right hands. For curators, this means getting sent more music you'll actually like Do you want more popularity and recognition in the music industry? Visit our music blogs to submit music and news releases now. Daily Music Roll is offering hip hop, rap, rock, electronic, pop and other music blog submission and music news release service. Submit your music, news releases to record labels, radio stations, playlist

Belgium About Blog HighClouds, Music Junkies' Holy Bible is a project headed by a team of music-addicts. We have varied tastes and we are crazy about emerging talented artists; we run a music blog that has became a real multimedia platform. Our main focus is reviewing materials (album, EP, video, tracks) from new up and coming artists. We also cover the releases of established ones Eins der besten Social-Media-Tools, mit dem du einfach Zeit sparen kannst. Plane deine Social-Media Inhalte (wie Promo-Postings) und genieß dafür mehr Zeit für deine Musik. 5. Pixlr Schönes Tool um seine Bilder zu verschönern, vor allem wenn man gerade kein Geld für ein Photoshop-Abo hat. Das Gute daran: gibts auch als App! 6. Next Big Soun

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Here's our review of the 10 best indie music promo services that are actually worth it. 1. Omari's Organic Promotion. I'm a fan of Omari (which is why I'm definitely an affiliate, just so ya know). He does pretty much everything - Spotify promo, YouTube promo, Soundcloud promo, press releases - and (a big selling point for me) he's pretty transparent about what you can expect wh Let everything you discover guide your music promotion leading up to your release. At the end of the day, your music should speak for itself. But telling your story helps you keep your promotional efforts personal and genuine—2 things most music promotion needs more of these days. 2. Have a new bio and press release written and ready to g Our Music Promotion provides artists with the right tools to reach a wider audience specific to their music genre. Get your music seen by a larger audience by choosing from one of our primary packages in music promotion. Music Blog Reviews, Playlist Promotion and PR Plus. Every Artist needs a plan of promotion to take them to the next level

Get on music blogs today and push your new single or project. Direct blog advertisement is one of the strongest ways you can promote your brand. It allows you to drive in awareness and feed your content directly to the audience that's specific to your needs Music promotion channels are YouTube channels that regularly upload curated new music. With a large network of subscribers, these channels are effective for artists to promote new music. Promo channels accept music submissions from independent bands and musicians. They usually pick music that would do well with their audience. Promo channels make money via monetisation, while musicians earn popularity and recognition. A model that benefits both the involved parties Promote your music with Promolinks. Let your fans listen to your music on their favorite streaming platform. Music marketing simplified

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Blogs offer a promising platform for upcoming musicians to feature their music. One good write up by a popular blog can open several doors for new bands and artists. Blogs are constantly on the lookout for newcomers to the hip hop genre. Below are five good blogs for hip-hop artists to reach out to Therefore, online music promotion is easier than ever, as long as you have a well written press release, a strong pitch and send it to the correct journalists. In this article, we're going to teach you how to write that perfect press release and pitch that will get you in front of the most important tastemakers in the music industry, leading to your music getting placed in leading music blogs

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Surely if you are going to discuss ethics and music promotion you start at the top, not at the bottom with the blogs? Accusing small, independent blogs of unethical promotion feels like saying video games are responsible for gun crime. No guns are responsible for gun crime! We'll get to blogs, but before we do. Here are seven of the least ethical companies working in music right now. Here. A music collective dedicated to bringing you top-notch music, culture, and art. Providing indie music promotion for independent and unsigned artists, labels, podcasts, products, services, and more! We report on international independent music, events, and culture with a focus on the North-East United States. Primarily serving the scenes we are involved in (CT, PA, NJ & NY). Above all we are always looking for new and exciting music to feature SoundClick also offers users the ability to promote their music with viral widgets. 11. indiesound. The Indiesound music site offers indie music artists an easy way to promote music online. You can connect with the indie music community to increase your audience and share content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your personal website Get discovered on our music blog. SoundGrail was founded in August 2010 with only a few dedicated followers. It has since grown to be a family of writers and music lovers from across the globe. We support one genre and one genre only. That is, good music. In other words, it doesn't matter if you make hip-hop, rap, indie, or one of the many sub-styles of electronic music, we appreciate all walks of life Submit your Music to Record Labels, Blogs, Spotify Playlists, Youtube Channels for free. / unpause. The future in music promotion is now. Submit your Song to Record Labels, Blogs, Spotify Playlists, Youtube Channels for free. / unpause. U P. unpause. Home. Artists. Curators. About Us. Login Sign Up. menu. Meet unpause. The future in music promotion is now. Focus on the music, and we will do.

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  1. Since 2018, we have worked with multiple clients to grow their success in the online music world. Our digital-first approach to music promotion has been a trailblazer in the industry. Due to our modern set-up, we have worked with several artists who released on major labels like Ultra Music and Sony Music. In addition, we have amassed millions of streams, working with niche as well as pop artists to grow their fanbase nationally and internationally
  2. Music blog for music promotion and latest indie music artists to get discovered. We bring you entertainment music news, music industry contacts, music submissions and all things music related. We're the first music social network that was geared to help music creator publish their music
  3. Music news and resource site Pitchfork consistently ranks among the top music blogs. Others on the list include Your EDM, Consequence of Sound, NPR, and Stereogum. Aside from the sites that cover a wide range of music, it's also worth looking out for influential blogs in different music genres. That will allow you to promote your music to the right audience
  4. There is a reason why major labels from Sony, DefJam, Warner, and Virgin have advertised with ViewManiac.com. Industry insight and coverage have ranked us as the top music promotion blog worldwide for artists, record labels and more. Featured post placements, full website wraps, or Exclusive posts. GET STARTED
  5. Discover the best new indie music in Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, Pop, RnB, Rock and more. Artists and bands submit your music to our blog and we will hype it for you
  6. g platforms, but are they organic

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MPN - Musik Promotion Digitaler & Physischer Musikvertrieb Schnelle Vorschüsse Promotion Services Persönlicher Support Leistungsstarke Tool Brian Hazard is a recording artist with twenty years of experience promoting a dozen Color Theory albums, and head mastering engineer and owner of Resonance Mastering in Huntington Beach, California. His Passive Promotion blog emphasizes set it and forget it methods of music promotion Music Promotion Blog Marketing tips and self-promotion advice for independent musicians Build Your Fanbase! 5 Ways to Thank Your Fans. Posted on March 5th, 2020 Comments Off on Build Your Fanbase! 5 Ways to Thank Your Fans. 5 Ways to Thank Your Fans and Build Your Fanbase! I've said it for decades: The #1[...] Read More. Indie Music Promotion Podcast. The No 1 Music Marketing Question to Ask.

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Music promotions, blogs, full company updates of events, music releases, new fashion and features All products artist promotion band promotion frontcover promotion get on music blogs music blog promotion music marketing music news music pr Music Reviews Professional Music Feature professional music review service. Sort by Start your music promotion with a website. It's important to have one platform where you control your music, content and brand image—your website. If a promoter or fan is searching for you online, the first hit they should get is your band website. This is your chance to hook them with a great first impression and win them over with an amazing user experience. Don't be afraid to blow.

How To Pitch To Music Blogs Like a Pro. Now that you've gotten your ducks in a row and know what blogs are looking for and which ones will be interested in your band, you're ready to start pitching. The simplest way to determine how to pitch an outlet is to follow the submission guidelines on their website. Every outlet has different submission guidelines and sets of rules to increase the. Do you want to know what the top 20 most influential/important music blogs are? Then look no further! Digital Music News has got this info and much more

Research music blogs that feature artists similar to you in terms of both genre and prominence, and make sure you take the time to craft a personalized pitch email that will catch the blogger's attention. [How to promote your music to bloggers] 14. TikTok. TikTok has quickly become one of the best ways to promote music online, with over 800 million monthly active users. The app is especially. Blog Promotion is and always will be the #1 strategy to get more traffic and share your work with the world. Without proper promotion, it's very difficult to stand in today's overcrowded market. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when using the above blog promotion sites: #1 - Don't try to promote you all articles at all these places. That's not how it works. Also, it will take a lot of your time to understand every site and then build a following. Choose the easiest one. Keep reading for the exact description of what kind of music promotion we do for Spotify, and all the tricks that help us do it just, just right. Otherwise, just check those services out and decide for yourself. 1. Buy Spotify followers. One of the most common promotion services for music is paid Spotify followers. And why in the heck wouldn't it be

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  1. Music Gateway, a worldwide music industry marketplace where you find music industry jobs, music cloud storage, music news, music industry jobs, record labels companies, music business worldwide, music industry news, music industry careers, career in music business and how to start a career in music. Page 1 of 22
  2. Music promotion & submissions 24/7. We're musicians & industry professionals who know that finding music submission opportunities is the first step in being discovered. Our unique system finds opportunities for our members such as indie record labels that accept demos or radio stations that accept submissions. How to get your song on the radio requires submitting music to radio stations, and we have the music industry contacts to make that happen
  3. LIVESTREAM PLAY + REVIEW + SOUNDCLOUD. Have your song or music video played and reviewed on air during the live broadcast by Adam22 and the No Jumper team PLUS have your song added to the official No Jumper Soundcloud. $200. DONATE. ADVANCE PLAY + REVIEW. Your song or music video played and reviewed in a prerecording

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  1. ArtistRack is one of the world's leading music promotion platforms. Loud, proud and trusted for its hot insights, the platform launched in 2012 and helps artists to connect with new fans around the world. The passionate team at ArtistRack has helped thousands of artists to promote and spread their music over the years. Making the most of industry insights and close connections, the team.
  2. That means that the music promotion landscape is now more competitive than ever. Here's our guide to the essential tools that can help you boost your career and cut through the clutter . This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it! Blog. All Mechanics Music Markets Insiders. Log in Get Started. Blog. 9 Best Music Marketing Tools & 6.
  3. With so many blog promotion tactics listed here, it's impossible to use them all at once. Our advice: Start off with one or two blog promotion strategies and see what works best. Then try adding another one. And then another. Until you find works for you. It might be that one tactic works for one blog post and a different tactic works for another, depending on your content and audience. Try.
  4. Hype Machine is a site that keeps track of what's trending in terms of music activity on blogs — blogs who, I should add, if they're the first to feature a track, get credited on Hype Machine with much of the early activity for that song, even if other blogs start to share the same tune. So: win-win for you and the premiering blog! In addition to MP3s, HypeMachine monitors SoundCloud.
  5. music promotion; itunes promotion; spotify promotion; soundcloud marketing; youtube marketing; music management; Education. B.Sc. - economics and finance. Iringa University, Tanzania, Graduated 2017. Certifications. Google Online Marketing. Certified From Google 2018. blackmutu's Gigs. b by blackmutu. I will promote your music on top 5 blogs in africa. 4.9 (110) Starting at$15. b by blackmutu.
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The Black Music PROMOTION Italian Blog. Salta al contenuto. sabato, Marzo 20, 2021 Ultimo: ARTISTA ALLO SPECCHIO: PETROSS DAVID CAIROL PUBBLICA IL SINGOLO REGGAE BUILDING BRIDGES IL 24 MARZO FUORI LO STREET VIDEO DI MANLIO CALAFROCAMPANO E RAINA SLOWLY CONNECTION, IL NUOVO SINGOLO DI UGOLATALP FEAT. NICO ROYALE HOLY GA - FUORI SUI DIGITAL STORE HOLY, L'ALBUM D'ESORDIO DELL. A couple months ago, I got an email asking how much it would cost for someone to get their music posted on this site. The email bummed me out. It wasn't the first of its kind, but it was spammy.

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The Blog promotion Toll shares your music tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, Beatport, and any other music store or platform that features your music! You get feedback on how your music is performing. Cons: You can't customize your homepage with your brand. 11. Twitch. For: songwriters, musicians, and other artists with experience on Twitch. Platforms. A successful music blog is a blog that has a steady stream of both new and repeat traffic. You want to brand your blog as a resource for your readers—and give them more reasons to visit your blog than just hearing new music from the artists you review. The ideas above will get you heading in the right direction—but there are many different directions you can take. Creativity And.

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Make your youtube music promotion more prominent and promote youtube music video in various music blogs,get music reviews and placement in popular music magazines. PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION We will do Paid PR Distribution to over 200+ media outlets, and promote on various Social Media Music Blog Promotion. Urban Dubz Music PR offers a unique music blog promotion service with online press release distribution service tailored to your needs. We have over 5000 electronic & urban music blogs and E-zines in the UK, USA and rest of the world. Urban Dubz Music Newsletter . Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for information on our services, special offers, freebies, advice and much. I was thinking about what marketing efforts got our music the most exposure. The answer was clear: YouTube Music Promotion Channels. Also known as YouTube promoters, promo channels, music promo channels, broadcasters, YouTube blogs and a variety of other names. To some this may be a familiar topic, to many it won't be. One thing is for sure though

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Blog Reviews Contact us Home SPECIALS Products Blog Reviews Contact us Free music promotion is only valid for one song per customer and based on availability . Claim your absolute FREE Music Promotion 3 EASY STEPS STEP 1 (Fill out the request form) Name * First Name. Last Name. Phone (###) ### #### Email Address * addresses containing info, contact, manager and etc.. will be deleted. Despite all of these qualified music platforms, all serious musicians need a personal website that prominently displays their latest and greatest music. You'll most likely be using one of the aforementioned selections to upload your tracks, but having your music on each of these nine platforms and not on your own website is a recipe for disaster. As a rising artist, it's smart to have your. Apple Music Promotion $ 75.00 - $ 800.00; SoundCloud Promotion $ 75.00 - $ 500.00; Spotify Promotion $ 75.00 - $ 1,000.00; Youtube Promotion $ 75.00 - $ 1,200.00; About. Rock The Hip Hop is a Music Marketing company that blogs and promotes mainly Hip Hop and Rock Music. Products. Apple Music Promotion $ 75.00 - $ 800.00; SoundCloud Promotion $ 75.00 - $ 500.00; Spotify Promotion. Promotion on music blogs and Press Release Distribution on hundreds of news sites and Google news. Daily social media promotion through sharing on various platforms. 24*7 dedicated customer.

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  1. A little video promotion for my music-blog.I've been making reviews since October, and I thought it would be nice with some new visitors.You give me the re..
  2. The BeatStars Official Blog offers exclusive music producer interviews, beat-making & music promotion tips, hip-hop production news, and much more
  3. Posts about music promotion written by kasondra. This is our newest blog. The Succeed In the Music Biz team are planning to migrate all of our information including Music Promotion articles, Music Marketing Tips and our blogs, in this one location for you

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  1. Skip to content. Music Promotion. Close Menu. Home; SoundCloud Services Show sub menu. SoundCloud Package
  2. Parkbench13 offers tailor made promotional services that match your music with the best fitting influencers, blogs, radio formats and potential fans. Whether you are signed or an independent artist, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-changing, complex music marketplace. We stay in constant contact with promotors, influencers and radio programmers to ensure that your music is heard by the right people
  3. g links, social media, monthly visits
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Planetary Group is a successful, respected team of music promoters with more than 20 years of experience helping indie rappers and hip-hop groups gain exposure, get radio rotation, play bigger venues, score record deals, reach wider audiences, engage with DJs, feature in blogs, get magazine write-ups, and take their careers to a higher level. We founded our music promotion company in 1996 out of a passion for helping hip-hop artists push the envelope and redefine what's possible within the. An agency comprised of music marketing experts with a creative flare, we work like no other music promotion company. Bringing modern marketing techniques to artists across the globe, we identify changes in this fast-moving industry to assure we secure exposure for artists. Long gone are the days of breaking an artist from music PR alone, we provide a full digital promotion strategy to progress. Yappie is one of the blog promotion sites where users distribute their blog content in audio format. Yappie is a social network mobile application where you can create a short audio form of your post. You can include an image and post your blog URL in the audio description recordJet war für uns von Anfang an ein sehr kompetenter - wie auch überaus sympathischer - Partner dabei Musik digital verfügbar zu machen. Wir sind uns ganz sicher, dass man nur aus tiefster Liebe zur Musik und einer Ansammlung von höchstbemerkenswerten Persönlichkeiten einen so guten Job machen kann, wie er hier tagtäglich gemacht und gelebt wird. Für uns eine durchweg positive. Wix Blog Wix Marketplace Student Website Wix Encyclopedia Partner Community Support Support Center Status Page Wix.com Wix.com is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. We make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional web presence. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. The Wix website. MRC Promotions | Blog, Music Promotion, Interviews, Mixtapes, Artwork, Apparel

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