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46 Inspiring Examples of Blogs In 2021 1. All the Pretty Pandas Made With: Squarespace →. Sharleen is an opera singer and a blogger with separate websites for... 2. Capture By Lucy Made With: Squarespace →. Lucy is a photographer, a mom and creator of backdrops for photography... 3. The Good Trade. Say Yes is an award-winning blog created by Liz Stanley in 2006. Although it could be classified as a mom blog as well, since Liz is a mother of three, it goes beyond that, offering useful advice about other topics, including food, and travel. Main topics covered: Family, travel, food, lifestyle, DIY

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The Best Blog Examples From All Types of Niches Blog Examples for Students. Blogging is starting to make an appearance in our classrooms! It's a fun and educational way... Corporate Blog Examples/Professional Blog Examples. Many big companies know that blogs are great for their businesses... Direct. 20 Examples of Successful Blogs That Will Get You Inspired Now 78 Download Your Free Blog Template Bundle. This post is packed full of examples to get you inspired. But, what happens... Managing Your Blog With CoSchedule. When you're ready to manage your blog better than ever before, considering. 10 Blog Examples for Your Inspiration Pierre Kleinhouse. Illustrator and designer Pierre Kleinhouse uses his blog as a platform for sharing the... Bella & Bloom. Bella & Bloom makes for a great blog example because of the way its design mirrors the content. Most of... Find More With Les. Leslie. I've found from experience that finding a blog niche is easiest when you have examples to look through. It's not by scrolling through a long list of random words. Instead, it's by analyzing successful blogs that already exist. Each example shown is one of the biggest and most profitable blogs in their given industries. 1. Greatis Example From: How Cancer Changed My Blog by Karl Staib I was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Yes, the dreaded c word. It's probably not what you are thinking. I don't look at this health issue as an anchor. I look at this as an opportunity for growth. 7. Withhold a Compelling Piece of Informatio

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TechCrunch is a blog that was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, which focuses on blogging about breaking news in technology, computers, internet culture, social media, products, websites, and startup companies. The blog has millions of RSS subscribers and inspired the launch of the TechCrunch Network, which includes a number of related websites like CrunchNotes, MobileCrunch, and CrunchGear. AOL acquired TechCrunch in September 2010 for $25 million Run a blog? Want your site featured here? If you think your site could make it into the top 50 (any category), please send us an email. Popular Analysis. How 16 Companies Dominate Google Search Results 475 ; Advanced Link Building Strategies 307; 51 Profitable SEO Niches 232; Affiliate SEO in 2020: A 1,000 Keyword Analysis 181; INDUSTRY RANKINGS. Top 50 (All Niches) Finance; Food; Marketing. You can use these superb blog templates for lifestyle, food, personal, fashion, finance, travel, technology or any other blogging project. Due to the fact of how heavy they are loaded with outstanding features, all our templates for bloggers do not give a feel they are free at all. The designs we have in store for you are neat and trendy with great customizing functions. Change the color to fit your branding, edit the elements and fill the spaces with your content. With the right blend of.

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  2. This blog is a good example of personal blog meets business blog. You'll find tips on frugal living (financial advice and more), as well as blog posts on parenting and homesteading. Liz keeps her posts personal but also offers great advice for anyone wanting to explore the concept of downsizing. In A Nutshell . So there you have it! 21 great personal blogs for you to check out before you.
  3. In other words, your blog's subdomain will live in its own section of yourcompany.com. Some CMSs offer subdomains as a free service, where your blog lives on the CMS, rather than your business's website. For example, it might look like this: yourblog.contentmanagementsystem.com
  4. Jay Kang explains why this blog post title example worked so well: Once we capture the user intent and understand the exact keywords, we used the proper action words like how to. We also noticed there are two different intent phrases most people use when searching for this type of information: asking for referral and recommendation

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Here's a good example of establishing trust from our blog: Adding jump links below this just makes life easier for the reader. They don't have to scroll through the entire list to understand what they'll learn. They can just skim the contents and jump straight to the tip that interests them. Learn how to add jump links in this post. 3. Use subheadings for list items. Every list item. It is easy to see how this site could become a go-to travel blog for those not only researching their travels, but also looking for inspiration. 5. Travels of Adam. Travels of Adam is extremely user-friendly, with categories well laid out and displayed on the homepage Sample applications for blog posts on https://andrewlock.net - andrewlock/blog-examples Blog Comment Examples & Best Practices Commenting on blogs, particularly in your niche, can bring in traffic to your site and help build your profile and brand. This works if you add value to the post to the benefit of the readers of that post rather than spam the comments with links back to your site

20 Excellent Examples of Blog Designs. Inspiration Websites Examples Andrian Valeanu February 25, 2015 4 minutes READ . In this age of internet, blogs are considered as one of the best ways to convey your ideas or share information on any topic with millions of people in an organized manner Example: Let's say you blog about health and wellness and you wrote a headline called: 5 Steps to Take When a Migraine Hits. This headline follows a proven list post formula, and it narrows in on something that's bugging readers. All in all it's not too bad, but it could be even more concrete. To step it up a notch, put yourselves in the shoes of your readers. Think about exactly what.

Harper Wilde's blog is a wonderful example that many ecommerce businesses can follow. It uses straight-forward strategies that are adaptable, focusing on creating content that answers questions users are likely to have about bra shopping, sizing, and care. Their blog also functions as an FAQ section for their site, which is a wonderful strategy to have. It keeps customers coming back, and it. Blog categories include Intelligent Business, Company, and Products. With a robust blog regularly updated with relevant business topics, not only do they give their target audience plenty to read, but as we discussed at the top, this can give a nice SEO boost to the website. 12. Aaron War Why these blog post ideas might not work for you (and how to solve that) For every successful blog post, there are hundreds of unsuccessful ones. Take checklists, for example. The checklist we shared above gets over 30,000 monthly visits from organic search. But there are plenty without traffic, like this one

Um einen Blog-Vergleich kommt ihr auch in der Bloggerei nicht herum. Hier gibt's unsere Top-Blogs, sortiert nach diversen Kriterien. Standardmäßig sind alle Blogs nach der Anzahl der Besucher des heutigen Tages sortiert. Unsere Blog-Statistiken werden alle 10 Minuten aktualisiert. Derzeit sind 13217 Leser in den Blogs unterwegs. Top-Blogs . Rank: Blogname: Kategorie: Bewertung: Besucher. Let's take a look at a few first blog post examples. Example #1: CPA Career Coach My first blog was launched in 2009 and it was designed to help accounting and finance professionals find meaning in their work

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Our gallery lists a selection of hand-picked website examples that have been built with the Divi Theme. This page is a collection of the best Divi Blog & Vlogs website examples in the showcase. Use these Blog & Vlogs website examples to see what designs are being used by the best websites in your niche, to find inspiration for your next Divi. Great example for this is QuickSprout blog (Not QuickSprout- I'm Kind of a big deal). The tagline of QuickSprout blog is Blog by Neil Patel, it's his blog, and he is the king. He is already a reputed author. His name in blog tagline acts as blog tagline bait Ideal für: Blogger, Spezialisten, Beratund und Analyse Beschreibung: Erstellen Sie einen beeindruckenden Blog mit dieser stilvollen Blog-Vorlage. Die Vorlage bietet schönes Design und Parallax-Scrolling. Präsentieren Sie innovative Ideen, geben Sie Ratschläge und teilen Sie Ihre Meinung - zeigen sie sich von Ihrer professionellen Seite. Erstellen Sie Business-Links auf der Über mich-Seite und vernetzen Sie sich mit potenziellen Kunden. Klicken Sie auf Bearbeiten und starten Sie.

In this article I will explain a tutorial with example, how to create and implement a simple Blog in ASP.Net using C# and VB.Net. The Blog will be implemented using database and each Blog will have a unique URL implemented with the help URL Routing feature Yet McCarthy blogs well, offering insights into her dual role as MP and Commons arm-twister. Her April Skies post on 28 February is a snapshot of an MP's daily grind. There is also plenty about. There are lots of students out there talking about university firsthand in blogs or on their own websites. Reading some of them will give you a good idea of what it's like to be a student, or study at a particular university. Although many blogs are often rarely updated, boring or filled with useless rubbish, we have managed to find some that are generally interesting and should give you a. Bold illustrations and graphics can make a big impact on blog visitors. Bright colors, original illustrations, and vector artwork are hallmarks of these blogs. Pirata Londo

More and more agents are realizing that consistent blogging can be a huge cornerstone of an effective organic (non-paid) long-term Search Engine Optimization strategy for their real estate websites. Today we'll explore 72 examples of great ideas for use in creating engaging content. Blog Ideas Hyperlocal Strategies Lead Gen Marketing Tips SE Your blog should look like this: Ghostly International keeps their uniquely retro theme rolling, from their store to their blog. Their blog layout maintains the same look as their entire website. Their blog content includes snippets from other music news outlets, playlists from their music lineup, and their latest Instagram posts Her blog is filled with stories, patterns, and material and technique advice. You can find archives of her call-in radio show podcasts and YouTube videos from her various classes and workshops on her site. Her blog stands out because it's filled with personality and her obvious passion and expertise in her crafts. 45

Los Angeles, California, United States About Blog Aquarium Drunkard is an eclectic audio blog featuring daily music reviews, interviews, features, mp3 samples and sessions. Originating in 2005, digging globally, the Drunkard bridges contemporary sounds with vintage garage, psych, folk, country, soul, funk, r&b and beyond Example Writer's Blog Entries Friday, April 7 Conclusions about Conclusions Current mood: happy I plan on in the future working harder on my conclusion. I found that it was the most difficult part in my editorial because I didn't want to recopy my introduction but it seems like I did. From this I have concluded that in th 11 Best Blog Post Templates [That Get Results] Mar 3; 6 min; How to Write the Perfect Vision Statement, Plus Examples. Mar 2; 9 min; How to Create an Effective FAQ Page (With Examples) Feb 28; 17 min; Website Blueprint: The Complete Guide to Creating Your Site. Feb 25; 9 min; How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Business. Feb 24 ; 9 min; Banner Ads: 13 Design Tips Plus Examples. Feb 22; 4.

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Blogger is a publishing platform that allows you to create a blog under the subdomain blogspot.com or your own domain. It was launched in 1999 by Pyra Lab and bought by Google in 2003. Some of the advantages of using Blogger are: Service free of charge and with an uptime close to 100%. It uses Google's infrastructure. Very fast page loading You have to know how you can make a good blog description, So, Here some examples which helps you to get an idea on how to make an eye catchy blog description. 1. BloggingLif We've created a massive list of 101 infographic examples for beginners with infographic design. This list will give you all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful infographic. We've divided the infographics included in our list into 19 categories.Choose the category that best fits your needs and find the right infographic for you Examples. 1. There is nothing worse than someone that picks good a domain on blogger.com and never posts, not even once. This really makes other bloggers mad when they can't get the domain they want because of some person that had no intent of even writing in his blog takes it. This is an example of a bad blog Blogs Examples. 145 likes. Technology encourages learning in a positive manner.It improves students' skill sets. Through this page we will be sharing... Technology encourages learning in a positive manner.It improves students' skill sets

I'm working on a series of articles about personal blogging, but I wanted to share with you a perfect example of a personal blog. It's by my cousin, Duke DesRochers. You may remember Duke from the story I did on him called, Future Social Media Renaissance Man, on Lorelle on WordPress or the one o United States About Blog Sustainable tourism leadership insights, stories, examples Frequency 1 post / month Blog sustainability-leaders.com Twitter followers 3.2K ⋅ Instagram Followers 746 ⋅ Domain Authority 32 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.3M View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. 68. WCW Partners | SuperSTAR Leadership Blog

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Packages. Bloc.js - A port of the bloc state management library from Dart to JavaScript, by Felix Angelov. Bloc Code Generator - A code generator that makes working with bloc easier, by Adson Leal. Firebase Auth - A Web, Mobile Firebase Auth Plugin, by Rody Davis Etymologie. Das Wort Blog ist die Abkürzung von Weblog, eine Zusammensetzung aus den beiden englischen Wörtern web, für Netz, und log, für Logbuch bzw. Tagebuch.Der Begriff Weblog tauchte 1997 erstmals auf der Website von Jorn Barger auf. Die Abkürzung Blog für Weblog stammt aus dem Jahr 1999 und wurde von Peter Merholz geprägt, der damit zum Ausdruck bringen wollte wir bloggen. This blog is a perfect example of how you can speak to the broadest possible audience, while still maintaining a focused company identity. On Oh My Disney, you'll find quizzes aimed at young kids, celebrity news, details about the studio's upcoming films, and exclusive behind-the-scenes information for film buffs. Like the company itself, this blog's secret is that it provides something. Testable Examples in Go. Andrew Gerrand 7 May 2015 Introduction. Godoc examples are snippets of Go code that are displayed as package documentation and that are verified by running them as tests. They can also be run by a user visiting the godoc web page for the package and clicking the associated Run button Google AdSense can automatically display relevant targeted ads on your blog so that you can earn income by posting about your passion. Know your audience Find out which posts are a hit with Blogger's built-in analytics. You'll see where your audience is coming from and what they're interested in. You can even connect your blog directly to Google Analytics for a more detailed look. Hang.

In the example we're discussing, ordering topics thematically makes the most sense: Setting up a coherent structure for your blog post is an essential step of SEO copywriting. It will result in a better understanding of the message of your blog posts. If people understand your message, they will be much more likely to share your post on social media or buy what you are selling. Taking. For example, if your Target was to increase the Apothecary's marketing spend by $50k/month, you can track how much money you've spent so far. How your Target progress has contributed to your Goal's (objective) progress For example, if you've completed a quarter of all your Targets so far, your Goal progress will be 25%. This is an easy. Use qualitative research to gather quantifiable data and systematically investigate a phenomena. Learn more about quantitative research methods along with types and examples, characteristics, and advantages

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Blog. Strategy; News; Resources; Log In Sign up. Search for: Image via freestocks.org under CC0. Strategy 16 of the Best Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign. A list of some of the best Facebook ad examples—with a breakdown of what makes them great—so you can learn from them and create your own winning ads. Christina Newberry July 24, 2019. As of April 2019, Facebook's. Movie Story board Examples 1. Alien. Scene: Infirmary Scene. Ridley Scott did not draw stick figures here, and while he probably picked up some pretty slick storyboarding skills when he attended the Royal College of Art, it doesn't mean you should throw in the towel or that you can't achieve similar results from following his example Improve your own blog posts and reader engagement with these relatable blog post introduction examples that readers find irresistable. Conversational Style in a Food Blog Introduction. Food blogger Jessica Merchant uses an incredible conversational writing style to instantly make readers feel at ease at her blog How Sweet Eats. Her introductions are powerful because they speak directly to the.

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An example of how we can put this idea into practice. Here's an example of a feedback conversation someone might begin before they've taken a moment to reflect on those 10 factors in exceptional feedback. Take 1: Winners get into work on time. I always say you should be 15 minutes early or you'll be lost! Your sales missed the mark. blog definition: 1. a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for. Learn more

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Sample Blog Entries. Blogs are everywhere! This can be both wonderful and overwhelming. If you have an interest in a topic, all you have to do is search for that topic plus the word blog, and you're likely to find some excellent blogs out there. Below, you'll find sample blogs that cover topics like food, education, nursing, and video games. These are just four samples but will give. Here are 10 tips to help you end up with an awesome blog post! Writing tips for SEO-friendly blog posts. Above all, your blog post has to be a good piece of writing. When starting a new blog post, many bloggers just start writing, typing whatever comes into their heads. While this may work for some people who have natural writing talents.

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Blogs sind außerdem grandiose Traffic-Bringer und eignen sich ideal, um das SEO deiner Website und somit dein Ranking in den Suchergebnissen zu verbessern. Schaffe mit deinem Blog eine Bindung zu deiner Marke während du dein Geschäft erweiterst und zusätzliche Einnnahmequellen erschließt. 02. Lohnt es sich, einen Blog für mein Geschäft zu starten? Mit der Erstellung eines Blogs, steht. These eleven amazing blog homepage examples will inspire you to create a high-converting first point of contact for all of your website visitors. Blog. Podcast. Tools. Speaking Blog Headers: 20 Great Examples and Best Practices 1. Tutorial9. Tutorial9 features just about all of the benefits discussed above. The logo and tagline instantly display... 2. Home Design Find. This header uses a great use of visual hierarchy to get the point across. The blog's title is... 3. Blog. With so many insightful ed blogs out there, this list of examples just scratches the surface. Truly, it was a challenge to pick only a few, but here are several roundups of education blogs from around the web. Create a Teaching Blog! Pinterest board: Edutopia's Pinterest board is the perfect source of inspiration. There are links to infographics, blogs, and articles that will help you get started; for experienced bloggers, these resources will help you brainstorm new ideas Much like Strala's site design in example number 5, this design puts the focus on demonstrating their products and services with screenshots and other visuals, and with supporting copy that's clear and direct. Each piece works together, building from one concept to the next. 8. World Financial Grou

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