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MGB suspension upGrades There is no single course of suspension upgrades that will work for everyone, but is there at least a basic route map that owners should follow through the many options on offer? That is the question we put to John Southall and David Sculthorpe at MGOC Spares. pictures courtesy of MGoC spares MGB suspension upgrades Designed in conjunction with Ken Costello, our telescopic front suspension conversion is a complete bolt on upgrade for the MGB. Through many hours of testing on the road and track, our conversion has been developed to increase efficiency, grip and feel at the front end without adding any harshness Front axle. There are several methods mentioned to remount the Front axle but most require a lift for the car, and even . More. easysteer - #MGB Power Steering. The cars steering column is the same column as fitted to the car originally but with the addition of an . More. Discounted Pirelli Tyres

Maker of BHH558 carb and choke bracket for MGB cars fitted with the SU HIF4 carb & later car HIF4 upgrades and the highly regarded Air Filter Builder's Kit, a compact and stylish alternative to Coopers Cans using economical paper filter elements The Classic Conversions four link rear suspension kit is a tremendous upgrade for any MGB. It works equally well with early MGB banjo axles and later MGB Salisbury axles, as well as Ford (7.5″, 8″, and 8.8″), and Chevy (10-bolt) axles. Only very minimal welding is required: tabs must be welded to the top of the axle tubes Steering & Suspension - Performance & Tuning - MGB, C & V8 - MG - Shop by Model Front suspension is fully adjustable for camber, caster, ride height and suspension stiffness via coil over adjustment knob. Easy coil spring change if needed to Taylor suspension. Geometry is greatly improved by using Willwood revise spindle and ball joints. Caster and camber are adjustable. Choice of hub bolt pattern such as ; MGB bolt. Professionally engineered racing type suspension for a substantial improvement in handling and an increased feel for the road; Designed to fit 1962-1980 MGB, MGB GT, and various Cobra Kit Cars; 80+lbs lighter than stock subframe with most savings being unsprung weight resulting in better handling and a smoother rid

  1. MGB Clutch Upgrade | Bradley Restoration For those of you who have upgraded your engine output, by over-boring or even supercharging, there is a simple upgrade Mor
  2. Hoyle Suspension Upgrades for the MGB as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XIII Issue 1, January 2005 by: Larry Shimp The suspension comes in several forms with several options. Simplest is the front, where the only option is polyurethane or MGB V8 rubber bushings (or no bushings at all, owner supplied). I choose to have the MGB V8 rubber bushings factory installed. The rear suspension comes almost anyway you want. It can be a complete, assembled unit, or just the just the.
  3. The set-up transforms not only the handling and road holding of the MGB, but also its ride and comfort levels. Suspension (third from top): The 5-link suspension kit, laid out in component form. Brakes (bottom): For maximum stopping power a modern, four-piston system is what you need. The Frontline Costello kit includes bespoke four-piston calipers and the choice of plain or cross-drilled vented discs, together with all the necessary fixings

Specialist Upgrades for MGA, MGB & V8, MGC and MG RV8. Front Coil Over Suspension/Independent Rear Suspension/. RV8 Front Suspension/ Propshafts/Brakes/. Call: 0208 776 7695. Email:info@hoyle-suspension.co.uk. Hoyle Suspension © All rights reserved 2018 It's not just about bhp horsepower is nothing without control, this category includes tuning parts to upgrade your MGB, C & V8 to handle on road or track and brake better than standard. You can fine tune the handling of your MG starting with an uprated anti-roll bar kit through to a full suspension coil over conversion. This is also a good reason to fit some sportier wheels. Braking. Fitting a Weber carburettor and manifold will release the ultimate power from your tuned MGB engine, particularly if it has an uprated camshaft or increased capacity. The Weber is particularly beneficial higher up the rev range, and transforms the character of the engine with its throaty race bred roar ARB upgrades are cheap, easy to fit and they do not affect the ride quality. A ¾ or maximum 7/8 bar for fast-road BGTs are a good option; I chose the ¾ which gave better turn-in and a flatter stance through corners with almost no change in ride comfort - an ARB only works when it is being twisted by cornering forces

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But, I am a little confused with the extensive updgrades and mods' for front and rear suspension; simply there are too many available from MGOC, MOSS, Brown & Gammons, Hoyle, Frontline et al MGB Performance Parts ⚑ Fast delivery worldwide Payment options including PayPal ⛽ British car experts ♚ 01522 568000 ☎ 1-855-746-276

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The MGB is what it is and despite all of the above it is still a nearly 50 year old design. One cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but that said, the MGB is no pig, and in fresh condition mechanically with a few sympathetic upgrades, there is no reason why it can't be enjoyed in the company of more modern cars. Have fun! PS. Walnut dashes are not original; they don't belong in. British V8 2006 Tech Session: MGB Front Suspension Upgrade as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XIV Issue 2, August 2006 presented by: Ted Lathrop of Fast Cars Inc. coverage by: Curtis Jacobson Ted Lathrop began his tech session by warmly endorsing the theme presented by Bill Guzman in the preceding tech session: Keep it simple! Ted further expressed two common feelings among our. Suspension.com Suspension Parts for mgb 1963 Models. Any Beck Arnley (8) Energy Suspension (10) Prothane (10) Whiteline (1) Bushing Color . Any Black (21) Red (20) Bushing Material . Any Polyurethane (21) Sway Bar Size . Any 14mm (1) 9/16 Inch (1) close Close Mgb 1963 Suspension Parts reorder Filters Clear Filters close. Home » MG » MGB » 1963. Complete Suspension Bushing Kit - MGB 62. Update. The major teething trouble was with the front suspension. The MGOC supplied the yellow urethane bushes that you can see in some of the photos. I was quite concerned when I came to the final torquing session on the retaining nuts (with the car's weight on the wheels and not supported by stands) in that it was like tightening up onto a.

MGB Badges & Brightwork; MGB Dashboard & Interior; MGB Doors, Catches & Stays; MGB Electrics; MGB Gauges; MGB Glazing, Seals etc; MGB Heating & Cooling; MGB Hoods & Tonneau The eye catching and unmistakable MG MGB is a car you can really have fun driving, but if you want to get the best out of yours and make it suit your journeys and your driving style better, then you can make a big difference to the MGB's ride quality by implementing improved suspension systems or shock absorbers. At CARiD, we specialize in helping people bring their vehicles up to the very. The MGB suspension set-up came in for a lot of review and clever redesign for the MG RV8 of 1992-1995; indeed, some of the development work was carried out by present-day MG Rover Engineering supremo RobOldaker and so for the ultimate in MGB suspension upgrades, you could do worse than look at themore modern single-leaf rear springs available from specialists. The key improvement on the RV8.

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